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CRC TAC 2 is an exceptional general purpose lubricant with tough adhesive qualities. Based on heavy-duty high-pressure gear oil and modified to resist fling-off at high speed and high temperatures, CRC TAC 2 is ideal for lubrication and protection of gears, sprockets, chains and sliding parts in industrial applications – reliable and well proven.On application CRC TAC 2 penetrates deeply into the surface before solvents evaporate and leave a tenacious tacky film for continuous lubrication. It greatly reduces friction and wear on turning and rotating parts, minimises chain stretch problems and protects from corrosion within a wide temperature range. It resists fling-off at high speeds and high temperatures and withstands extreme pressure, salt corrosion and water wash out.Because of its resistance to salt water it is ideal for all marine applications.
Recommended for open gears, car wash equipment, bottling plant, hoists, conveyors, fork lifts, tractors, farm equipment, cement trucks, wire ropes, winches, industrial roller door guides, all types of chain drives, etc. Ideal for use on o-ring chains. Extensively used by high performance go-karts and motorcycles.

Excellent penetration action on application. Evaporates quickly. 15 seconds before it sets as a tacky oily film. Excellent resistance to fling-off at high speeds and temperatures. Withstands high pressure. Resists cold, hot and salt water wash-off. Wide temperature range. From -25°C to +165°C. Increases product life. Reduces noise and vibration. MPI Approved C12. Includes Permastraw Dual-Action Spray System - One piece actuator with two-way spray that ensures that straw stays in place.